Quick Facts

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Service: MEP Design

  • 8-story administrative security level facility
  • Design and program HVAC renovation and replacement of w existing 500-ton gas-fired absorption chillers supplying heating and cooling
  • Expedited design of new chiller system with new pumps, a refrigerant monitoring system, and DDC controls
  • Provided a refrigerant leak detection system and room ventilation
  • Designed a new building to house centrifugal chillers and pumps
  • Completed without system shutdowns
  • Chiller building complies with ASHRAE 15 “Standard Machinery Rooms’
  • Conducted engineering study, engineering, and architectural design,  and construction administration

FBOP - Federal Transfer Facility

FBOP - Federal Correctional Institution

Quick Facts

Location: La Tuna, Anthony, TX

Service: MEP Design

Provided new gas-fired steam boilers and water-cooled chiller

Brought underground chilled water and steam distribution piping into institution’s existing utility tunnels to feed all buildings on compound

Second phase planned to further develop central chilled water at later date

Site investigation services documented existing conditions 

Developed construction documents for: 

Central Utility Plant (CUP) Upgrades

  • Replacement of chillers
  • New BAS (Building Automation System)
  • Replace chilled water and condenser water pumps
  • Provide chilled water and heating water service to all the facility’s buildings


Provide new air handling units to replace DX rooftop units, split DX units, and evaporative coolers

  • Hydronic conversion
  • Provided heat exchangers to provide heating water from steam at each building entrance
  • New DDC controls
  • New electrical panels

Quick Facts

Location: Houston, TX

Service: Document review, geotechnical, radar, and topographic surveys, forensic stabilization, foundation assessment

After severe flooding in 2017, the FDC observed soil movement, column and stairwell cracks, separations of floor slabs from grade beams, door frames from walls, and ponding floor water. Subsidence was concentrated in the southwest building portion where over 3 inches of sinking occurred.

  • Reviewed as-built documents
  • Performed geotechnical, radar, and topographic surveys
  • Report of subsurface conditions for forensic stabilization of sinking footing
  • Assessment of foundation-related distress
  • Design of foundation modifications to resolve the sinking issue

FBOP - Federal Detention Center

FBOP - Federal Correctional Complex

Quick Facts

Location: Forrest City, AR

Service: MEP Design, Fire Protection & Project Management

  • Upgraded emergency stand-by power system to provide adequate power for entire Low and Camp institutions
  • Provided a new 13.8 kV 2,500 kW diesel generator in a NEMA 3R enclosure with a 15,000-gallon fuel tank located under the generator
  • Generator paralleled with 2 existing 1,500 kW Cummins generators located at the MED CUP
  • Installed new paralleling switchgear at the Low utility plant 
  • Replaced existing paralleling switchgear with new automated controls
  • Provided the SCRO with an Engineering Assessment and Construction Design Documents of emergency standby power system for the Low/Camp institutions 


511 E. John Carpenter Fwy Suite 250 Irving, TX 75062
T: 214.496.1670

Fort Worth

600 West 6th St Floor 4 Fort Worth, TX 76102
T: 817.962.0336