Quick Facts

Size: 31,000 SF

Service: MEP Design

  • Project included a McLaren Special Operations (MSO) showroom, office space, repair workshop, a training center for technicians, storage areas, and room to display their custom-designed cars and host reveal parties
  • Designed the HVAC system, including heating and cooling load calculations, duct layouts in coordination with architectural and structural elements
  • Lighting design throughout the space, and power distribution and electrical design
  • Revised the plumbing fixtures and layout for the restrooms and the MEP layout for the MSO spaces
  • Modified the power for the new furniture and open office area and coordinated with Eurovent local car exhaust reels in order to ensure their system did not adversely affect the current design of the HVAC system

McLaren North American Headquarters

Wade Griffith

First United Bank Headquarters

Quick Facts

Size: ~20,000 SF

Service: MEP Design & Fire Protection

  • Renovation of workspace and common areas, executive suites, training area, meeting rooms, cafe, patio and connections, kitchen, server and staff pantry, and monumental stair in Building 3
  • Addition of fitness center
  • Replaced existing HVAC system and improved zoning and temperature control on 1st floor in Building 1
  • Designed system for precise temperature and humidity control with the option to allow for expansion, flexibility to move equipment as needed, and for units to be controlled in tandem and tied into the other Building Automation System for remove control and alarming
  • Upgrades to A/V system
  • Main training room can be partitioned into 4 smaller spaces
  • Designed to support training and video teleconferencing, drop-down projection screens, monitors, and speakers
  • Designed 10 smaller conference rooms: 5 with A/V capabilities as described above; 5 with a reduced version
  • Electrical systems include site photometrics, designs to add site lighting to address dark spots, lighting of the site wellness pathway, and building signage

Quick Facts

Size: ~100,000 SF

Service: MEP Design

  1. Renovation to transform an existing autobody shop into a coffee and wine bar
  2. Design included new restrooms, coffee bar, wine bar, seating space, and private dining space
  3. Coordinated with LEVEL 5 to design HVAC system
  4. Utilized existing water service in the restrooms and designed new exhaust system
  5. Tied new sanitary connection into existing
  6. Coordinated with City of Arlington to verify and connect new grease trap
  7. Provided power rough-in, coordinated power and energy code requirements
  8. Performed energy code lighting system and air conditioning system calculations to comply with energy codes

Urban Alchemy Coffee+Wine Bar

T-Mobile Regional Headquarters

Quick Facts

Size: 158,135 SF

Service: MEP Design, Fire Protection, Construction Administration

  • Redesigned interiors of the existing 2 floors occupied by T-Mobile and added a 3rd floor
  • Responsible for refreshing their reception area, cafe space, training center, lobby, conference/huddle rooms, restrooms, and cubicles
  • Added new conference rooms and unisex restrooms
  • Provided Construction Administration Services for the MEP design phase items
  • Performed the upgrades to the lighting, power, and AV systems in the new reception area, cafe, and training center
  • Improvements were also made to the existing HVAC and plumbing design throughout (restrooms, training center, etc.)

Quick Facts

Size: ~7,500 SF 

Service: MEP Design, Construction Administration

Adapted prototype for several new locations including:

  • Removal and revision of plumbing fixtures and exhaust fan
  • Modify equipment, additions of beer taps, floor sinks, and electrical power
  • Addition to front façade
  • Photometric calculations, coordination with electrical and civil drawings, specified pole-mounted lighting fixtures

Walk On's

At Home

Quick Facts

Size:  ~100,000 SF 

Service: MEP Design, Construction Administration

  • Design build projects using a prototype plan for both ground up construction and adaptive reuse projects
  • Site adapted prototype drawings as necessary to obtain required construction permits with local jurisdiction and governing authorities
  • External site lighting and associated photometrics

Quick Facts

Size:  ~51, 800 SF 

Service: MEP Design, Construction Administration

  • New ground up 2-story dealership with showroom, service, and parts areas
  • Selected, scheduled, and located new HVAC equipment
  • Coordinated new layout of new ductwork and condensate pipe layout for HVAC systems, and modified rooms
  • Recalculated and sized HVAC cooling for relocated electrical room
  • Increased electrical load, revised site lighting layout and ran new photometric calculations
  • Relocated electrical room, resized electrical feeders, redistributed electrical loads, and redesigned the electrical riser diagram
  • Modify lighting and power plan layouts based on room modifications
  • Modify gas pipe sizing and layout based on HVAC equipment



Quick Facts

Size:  ~28,200 SF 

Service: MEP Design, Construction Administration

  • New, ground up 2-story building with showroom, service, mezzanine/office area, bathrooms and locker rooms, and parts area with 
  • Selected, scheduled, and located new HVAC equipment on roof, performed load calculation
  • Added cooling and heating to service drive
  • Revised site lighting and ran new photometric calculations based on new site lighting layout
  • Redesigned the electrical riser diagram, redistributed electrical loads, and resized electrical feeders
  • Recalculated facility loads and increased service entrance size
  • Modified lighting and power plan layouts and electrical for HVAC system modifications
  • Added additional HVAC system
  • Modified gas pipe sizing and layout for HVAC system


511 E. John Carpenter Fwy Suite 250 Irving, TX 75062
T: 214.496.1670

Fort Worth

600 West 6th St Floor 4 Fort Worth, TX 76102
T: 817.962.0336